The Right to Information Act 2005 is a landmark legislation passed by the Government of India. It is one of the most powerful tools for ushering in Good Governance. The Act came into force on the 12th October, 2005 (120th day of its enactment on 15th June 2005).

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RTI Online Portal

Gujarat Information Commission

Right To Information
Sr. No. Information Download
1. The Particulars of organization/ functions and duties. Download (PDF 7559KB)
2. The Powers and Duties of Officers and Employees. Download (PDF 4124KB)
3. The Procedure followed for decision making process, including channels of supervision and accountability. Download (PDF 4505KB)
4. The Norms set by it for the discharge of functions. Download (PDF 543KB)
5. The Rules, Regulations, Instructions, Manuals and Records held by it or under its Control or used by its Employees for Discharging its Functions. Download (PDF 222KB)
6. A Statement of the Categories of Documents that are held by it or under its control. Download (PDF 129KB)
7. The Particulars of any arrangement that exists for consultation with, or representation by, the members of the public in relation to the formulation of its policy or implementation thereof. Download (PDF 216KB)
8. A Statement of the Boards, Councils, Committees and other Bodies Consisting of Two or more Persons Constituted as its part those Boards, Councils, Committees and other Bodies are Open to the public, or the Minutes of such Meetings are Accessible for Public. Download (PDF 444 KB)
9. A Directory of its Officers and Employees. Download (PDF 463KB)
10. The Monthly Remuneration Received by Each of its Officers and Employees, Including the System of Compensation as Provided in its Regulations. Download (PDF 164KB)
11. The Budget Allocated to Each of its Agency, Indicating the Particulars of all Plans, Proposed Expenditures and Reports on Disbursement made. Download (PDF 78KB)
12. The Manner of Execution of Subsidy Programmes, including the amounts allocated & the details of Beneficiaries of such Programmes. Download (PDF 531KB)
13. Particulars of Recipients of Concessions, Permits or Authorizations Granted by it. Download (PDF 119KB)
14. Details in Respect of the Information, Available to or held by it Reduced in an Electronic Form. Download (PDF 32KB)
15. The Particulars of Facilities available to Citizens for Obtaining Information, Including the Working Hours of a Library or Reading Room, if Maintained for Public use. Download (PDF 103KB)
16. The names, designations and other particulars of the public information officers. Download (PDF 229KB)
17. Such Other Information as may be Prescribed; and thereafter update these Publications every year. Download (PDF 258KB)
18. ANNEXURE-A and B Download (PDF 222KB)
RTI Prant
Sr. No. Information Download
1. Prant Nizar Proactive Disclosure. Download (PDF 6335KB)
2. Prant Vyara Proactive Disclosure. Download (PDF 1568KB)
RTI Mamlatdar
Sr. No. Information Download
1. Mamlatdar Dolvan Proactive Disclosure. Download (PDF 7077KB)
2. Mamlatdar Kukarmunda Proactive Disclosure. Download (PDF 7137KB)
3. Mamlatdar Nizar Proactive Disclosure. Download (PDF 8855KB)
4. Mamlatdar Songadh Proactive Disclosure. Download (PDF 9892KB)
5. Mamlatdar Uchchhal Proactive Disclosure. Download (PDF 9165KB)
6. Mamlatdar Valod Proactive Disclosure. Download (PDF 9409KB)
7. Mamlatdar Vyara Proactive Disclosure. Download (PDF 8183KB)