In year 2007, Tapi District was formed out of some Talukas separated from erstwhile Surat District. Vyara is head quarter of Tapi District, which comprises Seven Talukas – Vyara, Songadh, Valod, Uchhal, Dolvan, Kukarmunda and Nizar.

Recently in 2007 on 27th September, as a result of bifurcation of Surat district, two new districts came into existence: Surat and Tapi. Vyara became the headquarter of Tapi district and Surat became the headquarter of Surat district. Location of Tapi is in Southern Gujarat, sharing its borders with Nandurbar district of Maharashtra. Vyara, Songadh, Valod, Uchhal, Nizar, Dolvan, Kukarmunda are listed as the Seven Talukas of Tapi. The Princely state of Baroda called Gaekwads ruled the Vyara town (headquarter of Tapi district, presently). It is majorly inhabited by Chaudhari, Patel, Gamit Shah, Desai, Pancholi, Panchal, Rana, Brahmin. The ex-chief minister of Gujarat state Amarsingh Chaudhery (died in 2004) was born in Vyara. Tapi ditrict has dense forest with significant production of Bamboos. Places of Interest include Fort Songadh, Hindustan Bridge, Doswada Dam, Tapi River, Ukai Dam, Gaumukh. Suresh Joshi (writer) is among the notable personalities who belong to Tapi district.